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Aoba Johsai High He is the volleyball team’s captain and starting setter and is launched as one of Haikyu!!’s first most important rivals. Whether you might be searching for ones designed with characters comparable to Hinata, Kageyama, Oikawa, Ushijima, or ones designed with groups resembling Karasuno, Aoba Johsai, Shiratorizawa, and more, we’ve received stickers that might be positive to fulfill your needs! When Takeda factors out that Kenma does not stand out like Kageyama, Ukai explains that Kenma has a team that’s stable in receives which permits him to indicate his abilities differently. Ukai admits that he would change Hinata out if this had been an official match but desires to use this alternative to permit Hinata to determine what to do.

A couple of points into the second set, Ukai senses that Tsukishima is staring at him and silently questioning why the coach isn’t bringing Hinata out of the match as he’s frequently blocked by Inuoka. The DVD and Blu-ray model of the second season was released on June 20, 2014, along with an episode designed around a particular chapter within the manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki engaged on chapter 124 and a bonus CD with an Haikyuu shop audio drama starring Satsuki Momoi. Yamaguchi’s second serve curves again, hitting Kyōtani within the arm and scoring another service ace. Yamaguchi did not participate in the match but was proven captivated by the sight and effectiveness of Shimada’s leap float serve.

On the first day of the respective camps, Ennoshita informs the workforce that Hinata had been caught at Shiratorizawa, which left Yamaguchi and plenty of others speechless at his actions. Yamaguchi principally supports the group through the match as he doesn’t participate in any plays. He admits that it had been frustrating that he had been neglected by somebody younger than him to be the official group setter but, now that he’s a coach, is conscious that he can not relay his own emotions into the current scenario. This leads Ukai to the tough resolution of who he will use because of the setter for the sport towards Nekoma. Ukai is eventually confronted by Sugawara about who he ought to pick to be the setter for the next match and is stunned to hear Sugawara say that Ukai ought to select Kageyama because the younger setter may probably assist Karasuno in advance further than they have been.